The All American Thunder Thigh

Society has always placed unrealistic pressures on women to look a certain way. Most men will argue that women are the ones who placed these pressures on themselves, but I think thats a debate for another day. It doesn’t matter who placed these pressures on women, it just matters that they are there (and they suck). So, with everything else we have to worry about, “Minding the Gap” is really a thing? What happened to a good ole fashioned thunder thigh? 


Seriously. We are obsessing over the amount of space between our thighs. THIS is what we choose? Good job America. 

Is this a relatively new thing? Or have we always obsessed over unrealistic standards? Have thigh gaps always been something women sought after? Did our grandmothers and great grandmothers strive for this unrealistic idea of perfection? 

Let’s ask Miss America. 

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Objects of Association


What do you think of when you see these images?


[Image via Flickr]


[Image via Flickr]

People are creatures of association. If we see a giant gold “M”, we tend to automatically associate that with McDonalds. If we see a pair of sparkly red shoes, it’s a safe bet to assume most people are going to associate them with Dorothy. This goes past objects too. We associate smells, songs, and feelings to those familiar people and places around us.

When talking with someone today, I was interested to ask what object would my friends and family associate with me. Continue reading

Diets and Death Threats

So part of my daily routine always consists of taking some time out in the mornings to catch up on news, read through some of my favorite blogs, etc. This is probably one of my more cherished times of the day to be completely honest. Today, I found myself becoming really interested in and shocked by one of the features on People Magazine. Granted this story broke almost a month ago, but People ran it yesterday, thats where I saw it, it resonated with me, here we are. 

The story begins innocently enough: a 23 year old girl who is passionate about her vegan and clean eating lifestyle decides to start a blog. Said blog blows up to the tune of 70,000 Instagram followers and thousands of hits a day (something this little blogger wannabe could only dream of). What happened to Jordan Younger of The Blonde Vegan next is where it gets more than a little interesting. 

Jordan Younger, writer behind the blog The Blonde Vegan

Jordan Younger, writer behind the blog The Blonde Vegan

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Sad Selfies

#letmetakeaselfie = Probably one of my favorite hashtags ever.

Go ahead, search for the hashtag (or any variation of the word selfie) on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You’ll find pages upon pages of people taking pictures of themselves, all looking happy. If you search hard enough i’m sure you’ll even find some of my own selfies. Guilty as charged. Sue Me.  However, it’s interesting to see whats missing from the abundance of selfies we are flooded with everyday: Sad Selfies.  Continue reading

Beauty Hack: Dry Shampoo

There’s two things you don’t mess with… My hair and my money. I’m not a jerk, but come on, if I just spent thirty minutes to an hour in a knock down drag out fight with my hair and came out victorious, I don’t want you making all that go to waste! That being said, I have really long hair, and I don’t wash it everyday. My hair is color treated, so I try and use the shampoo as sparingly as I can. On those “in between” days I still have to deal with the oily issue, and that can be a major pain (Am I right?! – Not Cute). Dry shampoo is GREAT for those of us who need a little help on “in between” days, but if you’re spending money on dry shampoo, I hate to tell you this, but you’re totally wasting your money. 


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Why I Stopped Praying for Things

Disclaimer: This is a tough story for me to tell. Its taken a long road to get to this point, and this isn’t but a small fraction of it. Also, Im not really interested in a religious debate. These are one person’s views/feelings/whatever, so chill out.  By the way this post is REALLY long, sorry in advance. If you’re good with that, keep reading!


I was raised in the church. I can’t tell you how many Sundays of my youth were spent with my Mamaw and my Papaw at Bethel Baptist Church in my hometown of Memphis, TN. I was that kid who got to sit in the old people’s Sunday school class and for some God-forsaken reason thought that made me cool or exclusive. Every time their class was about halfway over i’d start to wonder if I should have gone with the kids my age, but I kept going with them, week after week (I’m just saying…pastries and OJ).

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I’m a quitter.

One Month. 31 Days.

One whole smoke free month. 

How am I feeling? Honestly, pretty freaking proud of myself. Still kind of grumpy some days, annoyed, excited, healthier.


**Insert slow clap here**

Its been a weird month too. My job has been more stressful than ever, I got stranded on the interstate for 14 hours in the Atlanta snowpocalypse, and somehow I managed to stay smoke free through all of this. I’ve had tons of support which is making it easier, and my husband has been a lot nicer about it than I thought he would be (Sorry, honey!). My family will call just to check on me and make sure I’m not smoking, and I have friends sending me encouraging pictures and messages randomly, sometimes when I need it most. I’m very lucky to have the people in my life behind me 100%.

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New and improved! Selfish Sarah!

I have a hard time thinking about myself first. Sure, that’s usually a good quality in a person but I think it can sometimes be a weakness to some extent. I know I would consider it one of my personal weaknesses anyway.

I know, I know… resolutions are supposed to be made on the first or whatever, but screw it. January 4th I’m adding a resolution, sue me. In 2014 I have want to be more selfish.

I have to stop pouring myself into these crazy long work days. I need to be more selfish and tell work it can wait. Plain and simple.

I have to be more selfish and make sure to turn my phone off and spend good quality time with my husband.

I have to be more selfish and stand up for myself when I can see I’m clearly getting the short end of the stick, regardless of what people think about me when it’s all said and done.

I have to be more selfish with my time. If I want time to myself to do school stuff, play my guitar, or even binge watch some ridiculously girly reality show, I should take it. Saying yes to everything and everyone doesn’t leave much time for me.

I have to be more selfish and stop basing my self worth on what others may or may not think. I’m awesome, I know it, that’s the only opinion I should base my self perception on.

There’s areas in our every day lives where we could all be more selfless. Maybe I could have bought the person in line behind me at Starbucks a cup of coffee today, or given up some of my clothes to the homeless. I, by no means, am the true definition of selfless. I am however, tired of putting myself last and making others happy regardless of the outcome for myself.

I have a feeling that the new and improved selfish Sarah may actually come out of this a little better person. “They” always say (who is “they”?) that you can’t truly love another until you love yourself. I love myself, but some days I don’t like myself too much. Maybe by being a little more selfish ill like myself a little more and improve the relationship with those around me.

Maybe it’s part of this whole finding myself journey I’m apparently on, maybe im just in a mood. Who knows?

What I do know is this; This year I’m going to be strong, im going to be happy, I’m going to love myself, and I’m going to be a little more selfish.