Boss Lady Status

So, About six months ago I left my gravy job at a Law Firm, and went back to my old job at the Repossession agency. To say I was scared is a major understatement. However, I had something in my gut telling me that it was the right decision, and against the advice of my close friends and family I bit the bullet and took the job. I was knowingly walking back into the middle of a literal shit storm and pretty much everyone thought I was crazy. I was taking on more responsibility than I’d ever had before. All of a sudden I was thrown into a leadership position managing around 25 people ALL of which were older than me, and most of which were male.


Let me tell ya folks, gaining their respect was (and continues to be) a daily battle. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told “I have kids your age!” or “I’ve been repossessing longer than you’ve been alive”, or “You’re HOW old?!”. I get so tired of it being pointed out how young I am.  I mean, I guess I get it.  Many people my age are recently graduating college/grad school and are just now starting to come into their career fields. However, that doesn’t apply to all of us. Some of us haven’t finished college….still (more on that later). Yet we’re out there day in and day out busting ass, making it happen for ourselves and our families. My level of education does NOT define my abilities as a leader. I know it’s important, and I’ve made a promise to myself to finish college, but I have also stopped placing my self worth in my lack of a degree.

I’d be lying if I said I knew what I was doing those first few weeks. I made mistakes, I made bad management decisions, and there were days I was completely overwhelmed. Thankfully I had a really good boss who believed in me, and a team who was flexible with me. Fast forward six months and my region has shot up to one of the top regions in the company. We’re hitting numbers that have never been hit, and I even hit bonus for the first time ever. I’m a 24 year old female leader at the largest repossession agency in North Freakin’ America. I have magazines interested in doing pieces on a young female successfully leading in a predominantly male industry. I’m already having conversations about the next step in my career. Other companies are constantly trying to get me to come work for them, now that I’ve proven myself. My backwards leap of faith is finally paying off.

Being the boss lady has been ANYTHING but easy. This job pushes me in ways I never imagined, and just when I think I’ve seen it all, I still seem to get surprised on an almost daily basis. This job has had me in tears, sometimes out of frustration, but mostly the good kind that come from laughing too hard. I have a team around me that I know without a doubt has my back all. day. long. I’ve learned things about myself in six months that take some people lifetimes to learn, I’ve been reminded of how strong I can be, and I’ve made it a point to learn something new every single day.

To all my other 20 Somethings out there; our generation is awesome. Stop letting society tell you that you’re too young to do ANYTHING. You wanna be the boss? Be the damn boss.   Anchor_Signature


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