The All American Thunder Thigh

Society has always placed unrealistic pressures on women to look a certain way. Most men will argue that women are the ones who placed these pressures on themselves, but I think thats a debate for another day. It doesn’t matter who placed these pressures on women, it just matters that they are there (and they suck). So, with everything else we have to worry about, “Minding the Gap” is really a thing? What happened to a good ole fashioned thunder thigh? 


Seriously. We are obsessing over the amount of space between our thighs. THIS is what we choose? Good job America. 

Is this a relatively new thing? Or have we always obsessed over unrealistic standards? Have thigh gaps always been something women sought after? Did our grandmothers and great grandmothers strive for this unrealistic idea of perfection? 

Let’s ask Miss America. 

in 1921 The first Miss America pageant was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, as a tourist attraction. There were 9 contestants, and a 16 year old from Washington, DC won. From there, the pageant grew to become what it is today. So were the very first Miss America contestants worried about the dreaded thigh gaps?


It sure doesn’t look like it! And you can’t tell me that each of these women aren’t considered beautiful in their own individual ways, even without the thigh gap!

Let’s fast forward a few years to the Miss America Pageant of 1937 – See a thigh gap? Negative Ghost Rider! miss_america_1937

And let’s go ahead and throw 1969 in the mix. Check out these thunder thighed beauties! 


Now…Let’s jump ahead to the 2013 Miss America Pageant. 

2013 Miss America Pageant

Not only do most of the contestants have thigh gaps…they have even altered the typical “Miss America pose” to create the image of a more prominent one.  Nothing like faking a good ole thigh gap! 

I can’t remember EVER hearing my grandma talking with her other friends about the latest squat/lunge/jumping jack routine that would give her a thigh gap. However a quick google search will pop up THOUSANDS of pretty little pictures with the solution to achieving the “perfect thigh gap”. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be fit, there’s something majorly wrong with obsessing over an empty space. 

 Thigh gap

Is this what we are teaching our next generation of girls to worry about? Screw politics and religion and world change and all that nonsense, but make sure you have a thigh gap?!?!?! Its ok to perpetuate eating disorders as long as your thighs don’t touch?! 

Our grandmothers never pushed for us to have thigh gaps, so why are we burning this concept into the minds of our youth, who are already vulnerable? I have nieces who aren’t too far off from entering into their pre-teen years, and I know that there will come a time where they are standing in the mirror questioning every little thing about themselves. I’d just really hate for my nieces to lose sight of how incredible and beautiful they all are because they are too worried that the damn internet might think their thighs are too fat. 

Maybe it’s time we take a note from former Miss America contestants, and close the (thigh) gap. Let’s get back to the days of embracing the good ole All American Thunder Thigh, and worrying about what really matters. 






Images via Time Magazine 


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