The All American Thunder Thigh

Society has always placed unrealistic pressures on women to look a certain way. Most men will argue that women are the ones who placed these pressures on themselves, but I think thats a debate for another day. It doesn’t matter who placed these pressures on women, it just matters that they are there (and they suck). So, with everything else we have to worry about, “Minding the Gap” is really a thing? What happened to a good ole fashioned thunder thigh? 


Seriously. We are obsessing over the amount of space between our thighs. THIS is what we choose? Good job America. 

Is this a relatively new thing? Or have we always obsessed over unrealistic standards? Have thigh gaps always been something women sought after? Did our grandmothers and great grandmothers strive for this unrealistic idea of perfection? 

Let’s ask Miss America. 

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