Sad Selfies

#letmetakeaselfie = Probably one of my favorite hashtags ever.

Go ahead, search for the hashtag (or any variation of the word selfie) on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You’ll find pages upon pages of people taking pictures of themselves, all looking happy. If you search hard enough i’m sure you’ll even find some of my own selfies. Guilty as charged. Sue Me.  However, it’s interesting to see whats missing from the abundance of selfies we are flooded with everyday: Sad Selfies. 

Why is it that we only take pictures of ourselves when we are happy? Is it because we only want the world to see the happy perfect side of our lives? Is it because we wouldn’t want people to think that for a moment we aren’t really the perfect, shiny, happy, awesome, person our Facebook makes us out to be all the time? Is it because when we’re upset about something in real life we tend to be far less worried about internet vanity?

What about the real stuff that happens in life in between all the selfies? Doesn’t that count too? To me, the things that cause us hurt, sadness, despair, heartache, whatever, are part of what molds us as individuals. Without our struggles, our triumphs are nothing. Shouldn’t our struggles get a little credit too?

Facebook culture is about all about making yourself look like you have the perfect life, and making others envious. Because of this, it seems that posting a less than perfect selfie would just be too much for the world to see. God forbid your friends and followers learn that you are a real human, with real human emotions, and not just a 2d picture on a screen. We are humans, people!  We don’t come preloaded with filters, airbrush tools, and photoshop. However, a quick search of the word selfie could easily lead anyone to believe otherwise. Heck, you probably don’t even have to search the word selfie. Chances are you can just scroll through your timeline and be inundated with selfies every few posts. Why are we so fake now? Have we as a society always been this way? Or is technology to be blamed?

Maybe we should all learn to be a little more honest with ourselves. It’s so easy to snap a selfie when you are looking and feeling your best, but how many of us actually look like our selfies all the time? I’m venturing to say not many.The thing about pictures, is that they are memories captured. Would it really be fair at the end of the day to only remember the good stuff? After all, bad times make the good times better, so a little perspective never hurts.  Maybe we should throw in a sad, mad, upset, REAL selfie every now and then, to remind ourselves that we are indeed human, and that life is constantly changing.






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