Beauty Hack: Dry Shampoo

There’s two things you don’t mess with… My hair and my money. I’m not a jerk, but come on, if I just spent thirty minutes to an hour in a knock down drag out fight with my hair and came out victorious, I don’t want you making all that go to waste! That being said, I have really long hair, and I don’t wash it everyday. My hair is color treated, so I try and use the shampoo as sparingly as I can. On those “in between” days I still have to deal with the oily issue, and that can be a major pain (Am I right?! – Not Cute). Dry shampoo is GREAT for those of us who need a little help on “in between” days, but if you’re spending money on dry shampoo, I hate to tell you this, but you’re totally wasting your money. 


Have you actually looked at the ingredients in your dry shampoo? There’s some scary stuff. One of the brands that I initially really liked, Klorane has BUTANE listed. I don’t know about you, but I’m not one for putting butane in my hair all willy nilly unless I just absolutely have to or something.  Aside from looking at the scary stuff, if you check out the other ingredients, you will soon realize that the main ingredient is usually a starch, followed by a fragrance and an aerosol agent. 

Guess what you probably have laying around the house right now? STARCHES. 

baby powder 2596473836_8f8ecf0c8a_z


It’s pretty simple really, take a very small amount of your starch of choice – I usually use baby powder, but either works – put it in the palm of your hands, work it through a little bit and then run your hands through the roots of your hair. My hair only gets greasy at the very front, but don’t be afraid to work it through as much of your hair as you need.  

You’re totally going to look like Cruella DeVille for a minute after you get the powder in, especially if you have dark hair (like me). Don’t freak out, get your comb or brush out and get to brushing! 


 Once you have brushed the powder all the way through you are good to go! Sometimes I end up needing extra, if so it’s perfectly ok to add more little by little, just don’t go overboard. 

Look, I’m not knocking dry shampoo by any means. It’s easily one of my top 10 favorite beauty products. But…I’m not into spending anywhere from $10-$50 for one bottle, especially when I have a more natural version of the same ingredient sitting at my house, for free, just waiting on me to use it. Got any other beauty hacks you love or want to know more about? Drop a line and I’ll make it happen! 






[Images via flickr}


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