Dear 2013

Dear 2013,

What an awesome year you were. You taught me a lot about living, the importance of  laughing, and most importantly, you taught me how to love even deeper. You know what else, 2013? You showed me just how pivotal 2014 could possibly be in my life. After a year of finally getting to know what it is to “settle down” (I use this term loosely), I learned that settling down is exactly what I don’t want to do. So here’s to you 2014. Here’s to shaking things up, making sure to find the adventure in each and every day, and making sure to never settle.

I think that New Years Resolutions are a little cliche, but maybe we all need some cliche in our lives every now and then, so here goes: 

Stop Smoking (I’m successfully on day two!)

Hold my husband’s hand more

Leave work earlier, regardless. 

Learn how to find the happiness in every day

Move a step closer to my professional goals

Finish up my freaking degree (3 more classes!)

Stop being such a doormat

Speak Up. 

Walk my dogs more

Learn to cook real food, not third grader food

Stop letting my past get in my own way

Learn to say no…sometimes

Stop worrying so much

Make sure my husband knows how much he is appreciated

I have all these notions in my head that 2014 is going to be some big life changing year and I’m going to just magically become this super-person. Deep down, I know this isn’t completely realistic, but damnit, I’m gonna try.  We only have 363 days left to make it count for 2014, guess I better get a move on!

Here’s to 2014 and all the changes it’s going to bring!


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