Mic check! Is this thing even on?!

I’m too talkative. I don’t think its necessarily a bad thing, I just think that some people are made for 140 characters, and some aren’t. In today’s time of twitterfeeds, timelines, moments, etc, I get annoyed with people who can’t differentiate between Facebook, Twitter, and a freaking diary. So, thats the reason we are where we are right now, my new blog!

I ran a style and fashion blog in the past that I loved dearly, but my heart just wasn’t in it 100 percent. I knew I was selling myself and my readers short by not giving it the time and effort it needed to be successful. Don’t worry! I haven’t turned into a gremlin who no longer loves all things pink and glittery! I will most likely post a lot of those tips and tricks I learned over here too. I was tired of trying to dig up posts about strictly makeup and fashion when there is so much more to the girl behind the keyboard.

I want this blog to serve as more of a “lifestyle” blog (that sounds cheesy) than my previous one, and I certainly hope you guys enjoy it!




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