New and improved! Selfish Sarah!

I have a hard time thinking about myself first. Sure, that’s usually a good quality in a person but I think it can sometimes be a weakness to some extent. I know I would consider it one of my personal weaknesses anyway.

I know, I know… resolutions are supposed to be made on the first or whatever, but screw it. January 4th I’m adding a resolution, sue me. In 2014 I have want to be more selfish.

I have to stop pouring myself into these crazy long work days. I need to be more selfish and tell work it can wait. Plain and simple.

I have to be more selfish and make sure to turn my phone off and spend good quality time with my husband.

I have to be more selfish and stand up for myself when I can see I’m clearly getting the short end of the stick, regardless of what people think about me when it’s all said and done.

I have to be more selfish with my time. If I want time to myself to do school stuff, play my guitar, or even binge watch some ridiculously girly reality show, I should take it. Saying yes to everything and everyone doesn’t leave much time for me.

I have to be more selfish and stop basing my self worth on what others may or may not think. I’m awesome, I know it, that’s the only opinion I should base my self perception on.

There’s areas in our every day lives where we could all be more selfless. Maybe I could have bought the person in line behind me at Starbucks a cup of coffee today, or given up some of my clothes to the homeless. I, by no means, am the true definition of selfless. I am however, tired of putting myself last and making others happy regardless of the outcome for myself.

I have a feeling that the new and improved selfish Sarah may actually come out of this a little better person. “They” always say (who is “they”?) that you can’t truly love another until you love yourself. I love myself, but some days I don’t like myself too much. Maybe by being a little more selfish ill like myself a little more and improve the relationship with those around me.

Maybe it’s part of this whole finding myself journey I’m apparently on, maybe im just in a mood. Who knows?

What I do know is this; This year I’m going to be strong, im going to be happy, I’m going to love myself, and I’m going to be a little more selfish.


Dear 2013

Dear 2013,

What an awesome year you were. You taught me a lot about living, the importance of Β laughing, and most importantly, you taught me how to love even deeper. You know what else, 2013? You showed me just how pivotal 2014 could possibly be in my life. After a year of finally getting to know what it is to “settle down” (I use this term loosely), I learned that settling down is exactly what I don’t want to do. So here’s to you 2014. Here’s to shaking things up, making sure to find the adventure in each and every day, and making sure to never settle.

I think that New Years Resolutions are a little cliche, but maybe we all need some cliche in our lives every now and then, so here goes:Β  Continue reading

Mic check! Is this thing even on?!

I’m too talkative. I don’t think its necessarily a bad thing, I just think that some people are made for 140 characters, and some aren’t. In today’s time of twitterfeeds, timelines, moments, etc, I get annoyed with people who can’t differentiate between Facebook, Twitter, and a freaking diary. So, thats the reason we are where we are right now, my new blog!

I ran a style and fashion blog in the past that I loved dearly, but my heart just wasn’t in it 100 percent. I knew I was selling myself and my readers short by not giving it the time and effort it needed to be successful. Don’t worry! I haven’t turned into a gremlin who no longer loves all things pink and glittery! I will most likely post a lot of those tips and tricks I learned over here too. I was tired of trying to dig up posts about strictly makeup and fashion when there is so much more to the girl behind the keyboard.

I want this blog to serve as more of a “lifestyle” blog (that sounds cheesy) than my previous one, and I certainly hope you guys enjoy it!